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Time Out ~ Time In: A Virtual Weekend Retreat

Fri 19th - Sun 21st Feb 2021, Online.

Take time out to connect in and re-source during an online-led weekend retreat.

Learn practical tools to help you orient, as well as navigate any current challenges, enabling you to rebound from existing stresses and feel more resilient going forwards. Learn to self-regulate your emotions and balance your nervous system through guided meditations and experientials.

The online retreat will be hosted by Arkaitz Eskarmendi and Ana Stefanovic.

Arkaitz is a San-Sebastian-based Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Monroe Institute Residential and Outreach Trainer, NLP Coach, Wingwave Coach and hypnotherapist with over a decade of experience in facilitating deeply transformative processes for groups and individuals.

Ana is a London-based integrative therapist combining different modalities including Brennan Healing, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Somatic Experiencing and Transpersonal Holotropic Breathwork. She is also currently teaching in the final year at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Oxford, UK.

Our intention is that at the end of the weekend you feel refreshed, recharged and more resourceful than before.

We will start with introductions on Friday evening, followed by a live guided meditation to set the tone for the weekend.

On Saturday you will be guided through a mix of exercises, experientials and guided meditations to learn tools for regulating your emotions and physiology and connecting inwards, discovering your guidance. There will be a 2 hr lunch break to allow time for nourishment and rest.

On Sunday, we will dive deeper, before emerging into integration and grounding what you've learnt, completing it with a group closing. There will be a 1 hr break for lunch and we will finish 2 hours earlier than on Saturday.


- You will need a safe, private, comfortable space where you won't be disturbed during the online sessions. We recommend a place with access to nature if possible.

- Access to internet, preferably on a computer and not a phone.

- The retreat will be guided via Zoom, available for free:

- A set of stereo headphones (most headphones are stereo).

No previous experience in meditation is required - the retreat is equally suitable for experienced meditators as well as complete newbies.

The group size will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants. The retreat will be in English and will start on Fri 19th Feb in the evening. Please see the times below for different time zones.

GMT/ UCT (e.g. UK/ Portugal/ Ireland/ Iceland)

Fri 19th Feb 6 pm - 8 pm

Sat 20th Feb 9 am - 6 pm (2 hour lunch break)

Sun 21st Feb 9 am - 4 pm (1 hour lunch break)

CET (e.g. Austria/ Croatia/ Denmark/ Germany/ Hung

Fri 19th Feb 7 pm - 9 pm

Sat 20th Feb 10 am - 7 pm (2 hour lunch break)

Sun 21st Feb 10 am - 5 pm (1 hour lunch break)

EET/CAT/SAST (e.g. Cyprus/ Finland/ Greece/Romania/ Ukraine/ South Africa)

Fri 19th Feb 8 pm - 10 pm

Sat 20th Feb 11 am - 8 pm (2 hour lunch break)

Sun 21st Feb 11 am - 6 pm (1 hour lunch break)

What's included in your investment:

- 15 hours of live guided meditations, exercises and experientials.

- Take away learning materials for your reference.

- 20% off a follow up session with Ana or Arkaitz.

To register or If you have any questions, please e-mail or Alternatively, contact us via this website using this form.


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