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Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Sessions

The sessions are goal-orientated, tailored to your individual needs, in a safe and confidential environment.

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Quick facts:


  • Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is a brief, collaborative style of therapy. Read more.

  • All sessions start with a consultation.

  • Sessions last 1 hr (£80) or 1.5 hrs (£110).

  • Sessions in central London: Holborn and Covent Garden.

  • Sessions via Skype or phone are also available.

The sessions may help you:


  • manage stress and anxiety

  • change habits

  • enjoy public speaking

  • sleep better

  • become an effective communicator

  • increase your creativity

  • discover your strengths

  • learn coping skills

  • AND MORE...

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Central London
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Before the session:


If it is your initial session, please fill in the forms I've sent you and bring them with you.


During the session:


We will start with a consultation so we can get to know each other and explore what you would like to work on, defining your goals for hypnotherapy. I will also answer any questions you might have. If there is any time left I also like to include a brief experiential component in the first session so you can get a feel for what hypnosis feels like for you. After discussing your aims I usually suggest a treatment plan which is flexible to allow for any changes that might occur between the sessions. 


Subsequent sessions also start with a brief consultation, followed by more concrete therapeutic interventions based on Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. Depending on your needs and preferences, Brennan Healing can be incorporated into the sessions (read more about my approach to therapy). Everything we do together will work much better if you are comfortable with the proposed treatment plan. This is why it is important to actively participate in sessions and to inform me of your preferences.


Between the sessions: 


To help you get where you want to be faster, we will develop an action plan for you between the sessions. This might involve keeping a simple log of your thoughts and emotions in particular situations, listening to guided audio files I would provide, practicing self-hypnosis or behavioural tasks. The more involved you are in the therapy process, including between the sessions, the faster you will see the results you desire.


Hypnosis can help you learn new skills that you can then apply to a specific issue, as well as in new situations. Practice leads to new understanding and habits which will eventually become automatic, replacing old patterns with more constructive ones, of your choice. The more you practice and apply the skills you are learning, the faster you will achieve the changes you desire, thus also lowering the number of sessions you require and the cost involved.

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