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Brennan Healing Sessions

The sessions provide an opportunity for self-exploration and healing, in a safe and confidential environment.

Quick facts:


  • Hands-on energy work is combined with hypnotherapy, depending on your needs and preferences. Read more.

  • All sessions start with a consultation.

  • Sessions last 1 hr (£80) or 1.5 hrs (£110).

  • Sessions in central London: Holborn and Covent Garden.

  • Long-distance sessions via Skype or Zoom available.

The sessions may help you:


  • with stress management

  • recover faster from surgery & trauma

  • during life transitions

  • create healthy & fulfilling relationships

  • clear physical, emotional & mental blocks

  • gain greater self-awareness

  • connect to your body (grounding)

  • maintain health

  • stay in the present moment

  • increase your creativity

  • tap into your full potential 

  • discover your strengths

  • learn coping skills

  • AND MORE...

London Therapy, Brennan healing, Hypnotherapy
During the session:


We will start with a consultation so we can get to know each other and explore what you would like to work on. I will also answer any questions you might have.


The consultation is followed by energy work, during which the clients lie down on a massage table, fully clothed. During this time, I work on and off the body, typically starting with the feet and moving upwards, balancing, clearing and charging the chakras (energy centres) and the energy field. I sometimes work without touching the body, especially with clients who feel uncomfortable with touch. 


You might experience deep relaxation during energy work, have various physical sensations and you might become aware of certain emotions or memories from your past, during or after the session. 


Depending on your needs and preferences, hypnotherapy can be incorporated into the sessions. You are an active participant in your healing process: please inform me of your preferences.

After the session: 


It is advisable to take it easy, physically and mentally, after each session. Hence, if you have any theoretical questions about the work, it is best to ask them at the beginning of the session.


Self-care is a very important part of your healing process. After the session, it is important to stay hydrated, and refrain from alcohol for 24 hours. Most of us live very busy lives and finding a free hour to have a session can be difficult enough. However, I would advise you, if at all possible to allow time for integration after the session.


What is integration and why is it important? Most of the time what occurs during the session can be subtle - whether it is a small realisation, or a shift in our physical state. By paying attention and tracking the changes we connect more deeply to ourselves, and by "staying with it" we allow the process that has been initiated to continue to unfold and settle.


So, how can we do this? Allowing free time after sessions e.g. spending a quiet evening at home is a good idea. You could either take the time to write down your thoughts and impressions, you can also paint/draw, dance, listen to nice music, meditate, or just take a nice relaxing bath...

Before the session:


If it is your initial session, please fill in the forms I've sent you and bring them with you. It is advisable to refrain from alcohol for 24 hours prior to each session. 

London Therapy, Brennan healing, Hypnotherapy
London Therapy, Brennan healing, Hypnotherapy
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