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Q: How many Brennan sessions will I need and how frequently?​

This depends on what you would like to work on and how much support you need at the time. Some people like to have Brennan sessions once a week, especially during challenging times. Others prefer having sessions once a month or whenever they feel they need support. Sessions can be booked ad hoc or at regular intervals. I wouldn't recommend sessions more frequently than once a week as it is advisable to allow time between sessions for integration.


Q: I'm healthy, but I'm curious about experiencing Brennan Healing. Can I book a session?


Yes. Brennan Healing may help you stay healthy by dealing with potential challenges before they become an issue. The work is also designed to deepen your self-awareness and understanding. Some people find that it also helps them have more clarity in their lives.


Q: Can I see you instead of my doctor?

No. Brennan Healing is designed to work alongside other therapies, including medicine. It is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment. It might however speed up your recovery and reduce symptoms so you need less or no medication. This decision however will need to be made with your medical doctor.


Q: I have a physical illness, can you guarantee to heal me?

No. I can guarantee I will do my best to support you on your journey of healing, combining multiple skills and techniques that can lead to physical healing. Similar to traditional medical treatment, this can help you heal but the results can't be 100% guaranteed. Every individual is different and has their own unique journey.

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Q: What do my physical body and mind have to do with each other? And how is this linked to "energy"?


At first it might not be apparent what our thoughts or emotions have to do with our bodies, let alone with this abstract term "energy". However, the more attention we pay to our thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, the more we realise that these are intricately linked. This is most easily observed in psycho-somatic illnesses where our thoughts and emotions can result in physical symptoms. Furthermore, by making changes in one of the three (thoughts, emotions, physical), the other two shift.


For example, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is designed to look at these feedback loops and to address necessary changes on multiple levels, each affecting the other in turn. Thus "enchanted circles" are broken and transformed.


Combining energy work opens an additional window to change. By paying attention to more subtle levels of our psyche and bodily sensations we deepen our self-awareness and thus it is easier to realign with what truly makes us happy and fulfilled. 

Physical body
Q: Why is the physical body so important?


Sometimes we can disassociate from our physical bodies, often without even being aware of the degree to which this is happening. This can be due to events that occurred in our lives that made us feel unsafe or were emotionally painful. By disconnecting from our bodies we also detach from our emotions. It might seem that not feeling our negative emotions is a good thing. This detachment is not selective, however, as it also numbs our experience of positive emotions. 


In addition, paradoxically, dissociation makes us feel even more unsafe. Through reconnecting to our bodies through energy work, using visualisation and paying conscious attention, we not only connect more deeply to our emotions, but we can also start to feel more stable and safe in our every day life.


To some people this might sound counter-intuitive. Perhaps the best way to explain it is to describe it metaphorically. If you are not present in your "house" (body), if you don't maintain it, there's a lot of space for other things to enter through the open windows, and cracks. This makes the house feel invaded, unsafe and less our own. It feels cold and unwelcoming. If we are present in it, however, we warm it up, close the windows to things we don't want and make it cosier, more our own. It actually becomes pleasant spending time in it, and it feels safe. We can open the windows and curtains, and let the light in when it's sunny outside. 


Q: What is grounding

You probably heard this term used in many different ways by different practitioners. My understanding of it is that when we are grounded we are more connected to our bodies, less "spaced out", more centred. In other words, grounding can help us be more present in the here and now, more aware of what is happening. There are therefore multiple aspects of being grounded including connectedness to our body and emotions, mental clarity, and on an energetic level, being connected to the Earth...


I hear you asking "Connected to Earth?!" You can think of it literally or metaphorically. When we are grounded, we can handle life's challenges with more ease, as we have a solid base, internal stability. We feel less overwhelmed by life's events, anxiety and emotions. Sounds good? 

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