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About Integrative Therapy

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Every therapist has their own approach to therapy, and their own understanding of why things work. This page explains my approach so you would know what to expect. You can read more about my professional background here.

I've trained in multiple modalities as I felt that each gave me additional understanding and tools to support my clients with a whole range of challenges. The main modalities I employ are Somatic Experiencing, Brennan Healing, and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.


Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is goal-orientated, focusing on specific changes you wish to achieve, whether it’s on emotional or behavioural levels, or both. As such, it tends to be short-term. Brennan Healing on its own is an integrative type of therapy, combining hands-on energy work and deep psychological exploration. Somatic Experiencing is a body-oriented therapy modality, focusing on the autonomic nervous system, especially helpful in healing from trauma. More information on individual therapeutic modalities is available on the Brennan Healing, Somatic Experiencing and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy pages.


Whether you request a specific modality or a combination, you will benefit from my experience with all of these modalities. I employ hypnosis to enhance the effects of energy work, and to teach it as a skill (self-hypnosis) to enable you to use it for your own benefit in your daily life. Similarly, energy-based awareness exercises might be incorporated into hypnosis sessions. Somatic Experiencing combine effortlessly wiht both modalities, finetunning the physical aspect


Energy healing and hypnosis have sometimes been seen as "magical" or "esoteric". I prefer a down-to-earth practical approach to both, without the unnecessary mystification. The sessions are therefore designed to be educational, as well as transformative.

Ready for change?
Not sure which direction to take?
Having difficulties letting go of the past?
Facing a health challenge?


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, integrative therapy might be for you. Sessions can help you to live your life more fully, to be more present and to let go of whatever it is that is holding you back.

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I believe that each person has an innate healing ability that they can access for themselves, as well as for others. The ultimate goal of the sessions is for you to feel empowered and to connect to your own inner wisdom and resources.


This might be in contrast to some people's expectation of going to a "healer". I am not here to solve your problems, "fix" you, or to perform miracles. I am, however, fully dedicated to supporting you on multiple levels while you find your own two feet and explore your inner depths. I am also here to provide you with a range of tools to help you in achieving this.


Although I like to stay grounded in my work, I feel it is important to acknowledge the spiritual dimension in our lives - those things that feed our soul and give meaning to our lives. This can come into our lives via direct experiences, through various meditative or related techniques, and through art or religious experiences. It is all too easy to disregard such experiences as imagination, flights of fancy or unimportant in today's world that is very goal-focused.

I believe that we don't have to live in the world of EITHER-OR. We can allow multiple possibilities into our lives i.e. AND-AND. We can allow ourselves to have materialistic, emotional and spiritual goals. We can experience spiritual dimensions while fully embracing the physical body. Furthermore, the more we connect to our physical bodies, the more intense our experience of the spiritual dimension can become. 


The reason why I am pointing out the above is that some people feel that to lead a spiritual life they have to give up the material, negate the physical. This can result either in people staying away from spirituality because it is too far removed from their daily lives, or in people negating the importance of the material world and their bodies.


However, there is no need to sacrifice any part of ourselves. We can allow ourselves to live fully, pursuing any impulses that arise in a healthy manner. On some days we might want to focus on our career and getting that promotion. On others, we might feel like turning off our phones and going into nature. Once we let go of the EITHER-OR mentality, we have the freedom to create our present moment any way we like, dancing to our own music.

Where are we really going?              
                            Always home.
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