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About Brennan Healing

Brennan Healing is a unique and a highly specialised form of energy healing.

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Brennan Healing is a hands-on energy healing technique that focuses on the human energy-consciousness system, sometimes referred to as the aura or energy field. Brennan Healing is a gentle way of supporting your body and energy system in achieving and maintaining health and wellbeing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


Everyone has inherent healing potential. Sometimes, however, due to external or internal stresses this system can be out of balance. Techniques employed by a Brennan Healing practitioner can help to bring back this balance by clearing and charging your chakras and energy field. Brennan Healing sessions are designed to complement traditional medical treatment and psychotherapy.


You will also be guided, through practical exercises and visualisations, to develop greater awareness of your energy/psychological dynamics in interaction with others and learn practical ways of consciously using your energy in beneficial and constructive ways. You can read more on Brenann sessions here.


This unique and specialised form of energy healing was developed by Dr Barbara Brennan, a physicist, a renowned healer and author. More information can be found in her books Hands of Light and Light Emerging and at

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What is an energy field? 


The energy field, or as it is called in the Brennan Healing model, the energy-consciousness system, is the field of energy that penetrates and surrounds your physical body. You can think of it as a more subtle aspect of your physical body, an energetic template which supports your physical body.


Different "levels", frequencies, of your energy field reflect different aspects of yourself, including your emotions, attitudes, relationship to yourself and others. It is through the field that we can get a sense of others and our environment, as well as interact. The aim of energy work is to create more fluidity in your energy field, adding healthier vibrations to the mix, and releasing areas of stagnation.  


What is a chakra? 


You can think of chakras as energy centres that metabolise energy. In the Brennan Healing model, there are seven major chakras, each related to different psychological functions, as well as bodily functions e.g. different glands. Healthy chakra functioning is therefore important both for our physical and psychological wellbeing. This is why a Brennan Healing practitioner clears, balances and charges the chakras, supporting and nurturing your energy system.


Each chakra is associated with a colour that is "healthy" for it, a vibration that supports its function. These colours are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and white, as represented in the image.

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